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December 1, 2012
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Yuna Wakana: Naruto OC by feganten Yuna Wakana: Naruto OC by feganten
:star: I'm so skeptic to upload this OTL ;w;
Please don't bash her... I mean honestly, I love this OC to death and I'm not about to let people who I don't even talk to or role play with hate on her.. but ok.. here we go. :star:

original photo: [link]
other pictures: [link]

Name: Yuna Wakana
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Blood type: AB
Birthday: December 13
Overview: She was born in the sound village. She grew up there, became a ninja. Eventually she lived in the snow country for 3 years (age 13-16). There is where she learned survival skills and music. She lived with family there. Then she went back to the sound village. And now resides with Himekos team.

She's often quiet. But can be blunt sarcastic and bitchy. When she was younger she was very talkative and very out spoken. That got her into trouble though. So now she enjoys keeping to herself but if you break her she will be like her old self.
Likes:music,traveling,odd things, and enjoys reading
Dislikes: assholes, spiders, bland food, boring people, and sleeping in
Hobbies:likes to collect creepy dolls
Fear: not being remembered for something
Quote: “you sure about that?”

Look at photo(s).

Daiso(dad) deceased.  He was killed by ninjas from the cloud for crimes he committed in the cloud village. She never speaks much of him unless asked about.

Suichio(mom): alive. She's a traveling musician. She tells tales of ancient folk-lore. She uses bongos as her instruments. She's a very sweet lady unless you piss her off, and she loves all her children equally.

Inazuma (younger brother-21) hes a psychopath. He's obsessed with death, creepy things, music, and killing. He plays the gong. He carries small ones around with him on missions and can use the gongs vibrations to create earthquakes and use the gong as a
summoning technique. He can summon things like creatures, weapons, and the dead.

Tomoki (older brother 25) he's the exact opposite from Inazuma. He's more level headed, calm, loves life and prefers nature. He can play the shamisen(similar to that of a banjo and guitar combined) but only plays it for the music. He cannot use Justus with it. He uses bells as a weapon though. He has them attached to needles so once the victim is surrounded he can paralyze or subdue them. He is a sweet guy and gets along with most people.
Lovers: none but has had several men in bed.
This is a very close nit family!

Favorite food: calamari with rice balls.
Least favorite: anything bitter or too sweet
Drink: honey ginger tea or water; sake
Color: none-prefers dark colors though
Season: fall/ winter
Time of day: nighttime/ early morning
Weather: rainy, snowy, cool non hot days
Flower: lotus
Animal: Racacoon. Don't ask lol

Ninja information:
Birth village: Otogakure
Current: none/ rogue
Academy grad age: 13
Promotion age: 14
Jonin: 18
Rank: Jonin/missing
Ninja registration number: N/A

Charka element: sound and lightening
Weapons: flute/sword
Strength: genjutsu, ninjutsu, kekkei genkai, and intelligence
Weakness: taijutsu, healing, strength, and hand seals
About her jutsus*important*: she can Use her sound/flute in many ways! One way is in a sword or normal flute for genjutsu* -forgot to add lol

Genjutsu: she does this by playing certain songs which make the enemy either go paralyzed/immobilized  or  she can have them go into their own world messing with certain emotions. This world will trigger a certain moment in that persons life and will keep them there until it is broken. She can also change the mood of someone depending on the song. Hence Amaya becoming relaxed and what not.

Ninjutsu: when playing a certain tune she can create vast amounts of lightening. She can then manipulate the lightening into certain creatures: dragons, monkeys, birds, etc. Then attack the enemy that way. She RARELY uses this though. She's not that skilled at it and prefers genjutsu.

Intelligence: she is very smart and quick at creating plans. Though it really only works for her and not others. (only works according to herself and not others in other words)

Stop reading now if you get confused easily and/or are harsh towards Kekkei Genkai's. Also if you are gonna be critical of wording, ideas, and what not. It's not like I roleplay with anyone on here anyway. She is strictly my character and I'm quite proud of her. She is for my enjoyment. I don't care if you will characterize her as a Mary-Sue. Honestly.

Now the big thing on her family history and kekkei genkai******
Ok well her clan was started all the way back in Madaras time. And the founder of the clan was a female. She was a traveling musician and story teller. Though she had a gift. That gift was the amazing senses of all evil. But there's more. She was able to use her harp to take souls away. But in order to do so, she would have to learn the truth behind that persons soul, any regret that person has(which is the cause of the evil spirit/demon), and the form of which the soul takes(I.E.:Inside a weapon, or the person, anything personal, etc). . Once she found this out, she is then able to take the soul of that person(the soul is an evil spirit like a demon) and is able to use it for herself. Which is where the tattoo comes into play. With the help of Tukiyo Uchiha, the founder of Yunas clan was able to create a seal. This seal is on every member of the clan. Anyway, this seal is located on the wrist of each person. Once the evil soul is taken from the body, the user then claims the soul for themselves and stores it in the seal. This then allows that person to have complete control over that soul and use it to their need. This is mainly used though to replenish charka. They store these souls up and save them for times they need charka. Or in some cases they can use a jutsu that the previous user of the soul had. This only depends on how skilled the user is. Now they perform this exorcism by using their music/instruments and certain songs that is not easy to recreate and has to be specific. Therefore making the clans music special and non reusable to others. It cannot be copied and that is why it's a kekkei genkai. That is why she use to be an exorcist. Though this technique doesn't always have to be used negatively. It can be used to rid evil spirits/demons. And that is basically the whole thing. Now going back to the founder of the clan: she became ill and needed to pass on the clans abilities and she had 3 children. All 2 years apart. 2 boys and one girl. This became a big thing in the clam for the later years. Each female must produce 3 kids- 2 boys and 1 girl all 2 years apart. Now this is usually the pattern: oldest- calm and good. Youngest- evil and bad. Middle- a mixture of both. But... The middle child has a curse. Always. That curse is that they take the form of a demon themselves. It happens every 5 years. And last for 3 days/nights. This is where they can destroy anything and everything without knowing it. But that's not always the case. The demon that takes over can be good and help rid evil in the world. It depends on the middle child's karma and dharma. If they a good= good demon. If they have bad karma or dharma= bad demon. Very simple. But in Yunas case- she's the middle child, she had bad karma/dharma. This then caused her to kill a whole clan in the sound village and therefore made her a missing nin. This is the reason why she joined Himekos team. Too seek refuge.
That's basically all you gotta know about her clans abilities... Now onto her history!
Oh and she can use her flute as a sword if needed.

I mean I could tell you but in reality you can just find out in the role play lol. It's pretty simple. She lived a normal life and did all the kid stuff until she discovered her true powers. Then she became more distant and wanted to learn more so she went to the snow village and trained with her uncle who was her dads brother and also the middle child- and then she learned the whole exorcism shit from her mom and in that time period her dad killed an high rank official in the cloud village and was being hunted by them and was killed. Her parents and brothers and her always got along. And then when she killed that family/clan she left and visits her family when she can. Mostly when it rains or snows so she doesn't get caught or tracked and yeah. Lol

That's really all I think I have to say.., if not let me know.

phew.. ok

ARTWORK NOT BY ME: (c) =Chloeeh
(c): *fegaN10
Adoptable by: *pepper-adopts
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eurybiades Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
she is a very neat character!
I love the kekkai genkai, and i must say she seems a lot like tayuya. I take it you drew inspiration from her?
Anyway, she's truly a unique character something thats quite rare nowadays.
If i may ask, i recently made a naruto game nothing big, just a small thing for me and a select few friends. Basically i need a few good characters to use during the "4th great shinobi war timeline" if it's okay with you, can i use your character?
the game is not online and you will be accredited. Also i will not use your character for anything else, if one of my friends does... i'll kill them myself.
also, where do you roleplay with her?
feganten Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you c:
Ahaha actually no, I forgot she exsisted to be honest. But I guess you can say that.
Thank you again, and I guess you can. But if you do not credit me then I'll be highly upset. :c
I also role play her with my friend and with his characters. Not anywhere online
eurybiades Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
I will accredit you, although i don't get the point. The game isn't online, the only people to see your character are my cousin and brother, nonetheless i'll respect your wishes and write your username on her statcard.
i have like, a dozen naruto OC's, none of which i have ever RP with.
feganten Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Haha I tend to lose track of characters I didn't care for ;w;
But alright, as long as its between you guys. I don't mind. But thank you c:.
I have over 300 ocs tbh... Lol I've been role playing for 5+ years so yeah ;w; but now I have my main characters I use(like yuna) and whoever else I upload onto this site. But I don't rp with anyone here haha
eurybiades Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
any other naruto ones i can use?
your art is incredible BTW
feganten Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I don't really have any others that describe what they can do because they aren't fully developed
Thanks haha I don't think it's incredible but that means a lot
eurybiades Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
it is, wish i could draw like you...
I have a character that i am quite proud of, he is the byproduct of sunagakure's puppet research. He is a living mass of chakra who pulls stuff to it to take form. He cannot be destroyed unless everything around him is destroyed first, or unless he runs out of chakra. however he cannot produce chakra as he has no organs. Therefore he eats other animals to gather their energy
Tomoko-senpai Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I loveeeeeee her omfg she's got a great background and balanced abilities and such. I'm someone who's all for Kekkei Genkei's and I feel just as you do-my character is MY character for MY enjoyment |D
feganten Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Asdfghkkkfsaajllgaaafvhafkhdwcb! Thank you sooooooo much <3 that means so much to me :'D it's so hard to create a kekkei genkei without someone calling it out.. But as we both agree on, it's our character for OUR enjoyment! :iconhuggleplz:
Tomoko-senpai Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
EXACTLY |D I mean if I wanted to please other people I'd keep changing my OC forever creys
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